Why Is My Budgie Licking Me?

why is my budgie licking me

Have you ever wondered, why is my budgie licking me?

Your budgie sees you as more than just an owner. You are their companion. You are their confidante. And you are their source of safety in this big, wide world.

In this article, we will explore the intriguing reasons behind your budgie’s affectionate behavior.

Let’s begin!

Why Is My Budgie Licking Me?

A budgie licking you could be expressing love and bonding, grooming you, seeking attention, combating boredom, preening you, and reinforcing your relationship.

Here are more reasons why your budgie is licking you:

Your Budgie is Expressing Love and Bonding

Think about this. You’re sitting with your beloved budgie perched on your finger.

Suddenly, your budgie leans forward and gives you a gentle lick. You can feel your budgie mouthing you with the beak, without biting.

Why is my bird licking me? You wonder. Your budgie may be showing love and strengthening the bond between you.

Budgies have a strong desire to connect with their human companions.

Licking is their way of displaying affection and nurturing the bond.

Your Budgie is Grooming You

Budgies are meticulous groomers. They spend ample time keeping their feathers clean. They also groom each other as part of their routine.

So, if your budgie licks you, it could be a sign that they consider you part of their flock. And they are attempting to groom you.

Imagine being with a group of friends. One of them casually brushes off a speck of dirt from your shoulder. It’s a small gesture. But it shows care and concern.

Similarly, your budgies may groom you to extend their instincts to nurture and care for you.

You Have Traces of Salt

Did you know that budgies need a small amount of salt in their diet?

These birds have a keen sense of taste. They can detect traces of salt.

If they lick your skin, it might be because they’ve sensed salt from your sweat.

A pinch of salt enhances the flavor of a dish. A little salt can benefit budgies too.

So, your budgie may surprise you with a lick. Why? It could be their way of exploring their surroundings. They might even be seeking that intriguing trace of salt.

Your Budgie is Just Curious

Budgies are naturally curious creatures. They constantly thirst for knowledge about their environment.

Budgies use various means to investigate and learn. Licking you could be one of their exploratory methods.

Imagine exploring a new city. You may want to touch, taste, and experience everything to truly understand it.

Similarly, budgies use their beaks and tongues to interact with their surroundings. That is why your budgie licks you.

Your budgie licks you to get a taste of your skin. They lick you to familiarize themselves with your scent.

Budgies Strengthen the Bond Through Licking

Your budgie may lick you to strengthen the bond between you two.

You’re chilling with your budgie perched on your shoulder. And all of a sudden, your bird leans in and starts giving you gentle licks.

It might tickle a bit. But it means your feathered friend feels comfy and safe around you.

Budgies could give gentle licks to establish a deeper sense of trust and companionship with their human pals.

Budgies Seek Attention Through Licks

Budgies are social creatures. And they are attention-seeking pet birds. That is why they might lick you to grab your focus.

Your budgie licks you in an attempt to initiate interaction and engage with you.

Think about this.

You’re absorbed in a book or working on your computer. And all of a sudden, you feel those tiny licks on your hand or arm. Your budgie may be seeking your undivided attention.

You can respond to their licks and interact with your feathered friend.

You will not only strengthen the bond. You will also provide the social stimulation they crave.

Budgies Can Combat Boredom with Licks

Ever notice your budgie engaging in excessive licking when they seem bored or restless?

Well, they might be looking for some excitement!

Budgies are smart creatures and need mental stimulation to thrive.

A budgie lacking entertainment or feeling bored may resort to licking as a way to seek stimulation.

Imagine you are at home on a rainy day. You are feeling a bit restless. You start pacing around, searching for something to do.

Similarly, when bored, budgies lick to alleviate their restlessness and find mental engagement.

You have to provide your budgies with stimulating toys, puzzles, or even interactive playtime.


They can help redirect their licking tendencies. And they can keep your budgies entertained.

Natural Preening Responses

Your presence or certain actions may trigger your budgie’s licking behavior. This is because budgies have a natural response to preening triggers.

When you’re nearby, they might see you as their flock member. So, your budgies may feel compelled to groom you.

Remember, budgies groom their fellow budgies in the wild. You are now their flock member. So, they will groom you.

Budgies have an innate instinct to groom and preen. And when they’re around you, that instinct kicks in.

So, your budgie could lean in for a lick. It is their way of showing care and affection.

Your Budgie is Reciprocating Affection

Have you been showing your budgies love? You might have been petting or stroking them.

If so, your budgie is probably reciprocating affection.

Budgies are perceptive creatures. And when they receive affection from their owners, they often return the favor with licks.

You’re sitting next to your budgie. You are gently petting their feathers. They tilt their head, look at you with their beady eyes, and give your finger a quick lick.

It’s their way of reciprocating the affection you’ve shown them.

Your Budgie is Used to Licking

We, humans, have our own habits. Budgies can develop behaviors. These behaviors bring them comfort and joy.

Licking can be one such habit. In fact, some budgies find it soothing or enjoyable.

It’s similar to how some people bite their nails or twirl their hair when they feel relaxed or content.

Picture your budgie perched on your shoulder, happily preening their feathers. Amidst their grooming session, your budgie pauses and gives your earlobe a gentle lick.

It might seem unusual. But it’s their way of indulging in a habit that brings them comfort.

Budgies Reinforce the Relationship through Licking

Budgies cherish the bond they share with their human companions.

Licking can serve as a social bonding activity. It helps to strengthen the connection between you and your budgie.

Imagine spending quality time with your budgie. You talk to them and offer treats. Your budgie hops onto your finger, leans in, and gives your hand a series of quick licks.

It’s a bonding moment. It is a sign that your budgie trusts you and values the relationship you’ve built.

Budgies Communicate Through Licks

Budgies communicate through body language and vocalizations. Licking can also be a form of communication for them.

Each lick might carry a specific message or indicate a particular need.

Your budgie is perched on their favorite toy, engrossed in play. Suddenly, they pause, fly over to your shoulder, and give your cheek a gentle lick.

Your budgie may be telling you they want your attention. Or your bird may be feeling a little anxious and seeking reassurance.

Budgies Lick as Interactive Play

Budgies are known for their playful nature. Licking can be a part of their interactive play with you.

Budgies enjoy hopping from perch to perch or exploring new toys. Licking can be another way for them to engage and have fun.

Imagine this:

You’re holding your budgie on your finger. You move your hand up and down, and they playfully lean in and give your thumb a quick lick.

It’s their way of joining in on the interaction. Your budgie wants to make it a delightful bonding experience for both of you.

Unraveling the Affectionate Mystery of Budgie Licking

We’ve explored the various reasons behind this delightful behavior.

Your budgie’s licks might bring perplexity, surprise, and perhaps even joy. A simple lick could ignite such an array of emotions within you.

So, why is my budgie licking me? It is your budgie’s unique way of expressing affection and strengthening the bond between you two.

Embrace the joy and wonder that comes with these precious moments of connection.

Remember, you hold a special place in their little birdie’s heart. Cherish the bond you share. And nurture your budgie with care.