What Do Budgies Like to Do?

After getting your first budgies, do not leave them sitting in the cage all day. Why? They can become lonely. Budgies are social and active, so they are happier flying around and interacting with their owners. That is why you should know what do budgies like to do, so I’m going to share some of the things these birds like to do in this article.

What Do Budgies Like to Do?

Budgies like play with their toys, chew their toys, eat their treats, play and talk with their human owners, and play with other budgies. Also, if your birds get along with your family pets, they will like playing together. But do not leave your birds with your family pets unsupervised. Why? They can fight and kill each other.

They Like Playing With Their Toys

Budgies love playing with their toys, so they need lots of different toys to play with. You can put their toys in their cage, but do not overcrowd their cage with toys. Your birds still need enough space to fly around inside the cage. That is why you need to invest in a cage with enough space.

They Like to Talk

Budgies are social animals, so they love talking to each other and their human owners. And they can learn to speak simple sentences. If you are patient with your birds, they will learn the sentences you teach them. And you will have lots of fun talking to them. You can teach them to speak when you are taming them.

They Like Singing

Apart from talking, budgies also like singing. They love music. You can live them with music on, and they will never get bored. Do not just play them loud music. They love listening to soothing music. By the way, you can teach your birds your favorite tunes.

They Like Chewing Toys

Budgies hate to just sit there in their cage, so they chew their toys to keep themselves active and chewing provides mental stimulation. Also, these birds keep their beak strong and nicely trimmed by chewing.

Provide them with toys to chew on, especially toys made of natural materials like plant materials. Do not give them toys with dangerous chemical dyes.

They Like Swinging

Budgies love swinging on a play swing. Installing a play swing inside the cage can keep them entertained. They can swing on their play swing without your supervision. If you can find a play swing with bells, get it. Your birds will love it because they also love ringing bells.

They Like Mirrors

Budgies love mirrors. They can spend several hours playing with their mirror. If you have a single budgie, putting a mirror inside the cage is a great way to keep your budgie happy. You will see your bird standing in front of the mirror looking at the reflection. Your budgie might never get lonely.

They Like Hanging Off Things

Budgies like to hang off things, especially when they are happy and feel safe inside their cage. This is one of the best ways to know if they are happy and comfortable around you. So, provide them with toys that they can hang on. Make sure the toys do not have toxic materials.

In short, budgies like playing with their toys, scratching their heads, ringing bells, chewing, singing, and hanging off things.

What Do Budgies Like in their Cage?

Budgies see their cage as their home, so they like lots of fun things in their home. Before putting anything inside the cage, clean and disinfect them, and make sure you have the right cage. The right cage should have enough space for your birds to fly around and it should be big enough for you to clean it easily.


Budgies love cages clean cages. That is why they do not drink dirty water or eat unclean foods. You must keep the cage clean all the time. You can put papers at the bottom of the cage. This makes it easier to keep the cage clean all the time. If possible, clean and disinfect the cage regularly.


Budgies need clean drinking water and water for bathing. They love preening themselves, so they can bath in the water you provide them. If you only provide them with clean drinking water, they will bath on the water. Some budgies might not even drink the water, so give them cleaning drinking water several times a day.


It is important to supplement your budgie’s calcium intake, and the best way to do this is to give your budgie a cuttlebone. Cuttlebone calcium-rich, so buy it and put it in the cage. Some budgies will love it, and some might not like it immediately. Just leave it in the cage. All of your budgies will soon love it.


Do not just feed your budgies their regular foods. You can give them treats from time to time. Once you know their favorite treats, place these treats in their cage. They will love these treats in the cage. They will eat it anytime they want. But do not just feed them their treats. Make sure they get a balanced diet.


As mentioned above, budgies like playing with toys like bells, balls, ropes, ladders, mirrors, and many more. Place different toys in the cage to know the types of toys that your budgies love playing with. Then, get more toys like these and put them in the cage. Budgies love these toys in their cage.

Nest Box

Do you want your budgies to breed? If yes, put a nest box inside their cage. Your budgies might never mate if there is no secluded space for laying the eggs. Your budgies will like a nest box inside the cage. Also, the female budgie will sit on the eggs inside the nest box for several days.

How Do You Entertain a Budgie?

It is easy and cheap to entertain a flock of budgies. Entertaining a single budgie, however, takes time and lots of money and effort. Have a single budgie? I encourage you to get mirrors, toys with bells, ladders, a play gym, bird-shaped toys, and swing toys for your bird.

Don’t have enough funds to buy new toys? You will have to spend more time with your budgie. A single budgie needs lots of attention from their human owner, so give your budgie lots of attention. Spending more time with your bird is the cheapest way to entertain a budgie.

Budgies can get along with some family pets, but it can take time for them to get along. If you are persistent and consistent, they will get along well. Once they get along, remove your bird from the cage to spend more time with your other pets. Remember to supervise your pets because they can hurt the bird.

What Makes Budgies Happy?

Your attention, toys, treats, water, and food can make your budgies happy. Do not yell at your birds. Why? They can get scared and lose your trust. Spend more time with your birds if you want to see them happy all the time. Take them out of their cage to play and fly around inside or out of the house.

What Do Budgies Like to Eat for a Treat?

I have said budgies like treats in this article several times. However, I have not mentioned the treats that budgies like to eat. I would like to list some of these treats with you. Just know that some of your birds might not like some of these treats. So, look for more treats to give your birds, especially if they do not like the ones mentioned below.


Budgies love to eat fresh fruits, including melons, bananas, currants, cherries, mangoes, apples, and many more. In fact, in the wild, budgies can survive on fresh fruits only. It is easy to find fresh fruits and they are affordable.

Give the birds different fruits. Giving them a variety of fruits helps you know the favorite fruits of your budgies. Once you know their favorite fruits, give them as treats. They like to eat their treats.


Raw, uncooked vegetables are healthy for budgies. Some of your birds might like vegetables immediately, and others might take time to eat and like the vegetables you give them. That is why you need to give a variety of vegetables, such as parsley, kale, spinach, carrots, cauliflower, beets, broccoli, and many more.


If you prefer feeding your birds vegetables and fruits, give them nuts as delicious treats. Even though nuts are high in fatty oils, they provide essential nutrients. Feed your birds almonds, cashews, walnuts, and other nuts. Some of them will love the nuts.


Some budgies really love hard-boiled eggs. By the way, eggs are good for your birds because they are rich in proteins. They are the perfect treats for your budgies, so do not feed your birds daily with hard-boiled eggs. If your birds do not want to eat these eggs, do not force them.

However, if your budgies stop eating completely, read this article.

In Conclusion

I hope by now you know what do budgies like to do. It is hard to know what your budgies like to do if you have never given the birds a chance to try new things. That is why you need to be adventurous with your budgies. Try new exercises and tricks together. And feed them different foods, but make sure the foods are safe for your birds. Once you know what your birds like to do, your budgies will never get bored and depressed.