Should I Get One or Two Budgies?

Budgies are social and lovely birds, and it is easy to enjoy them. So, should I get one or two budgies? It is difficult to choose between one, two, or more budgies, so I did some research to learn if you should get one or two budgies. I’m going to help you make the right decision in this article.

Should I Get One or Two Budgies?

You can either get one or two budgies depending on your budget and the time you have to spend with your budgies. Budgies love attention from other budgies and their human friends.

If you decide to get one budgie, your budgie will get lonely if it does not get enough attention and playing time. So, give you birds several toys to play with and spend more time with your bird.

If you decide to get more than one budgie, you will never have to worry about your birds being lonely. Your birds will play together and bond with each other, giving you more time to focus on other important activities.

If you decide to get two budgies, I encourage you to get two males or two females, especially if you do not want to deal with the female budgie laying eggs. It is hard to deal with the eggs.

It is hard to know if a budgie is male or female. Once you decide to get two budgies, ask the clerk in the Pet Shop or the breeder to help you pick two male or two female budgies. Do not just ask for two budgies. Why? They might sell you a boy and a girl budgie, especially if the birds are just a few months old.

Is It Okay to Only Have One Budgie?

Yes, it is okay to have one budgie, especially if you plan on bonding and interacting with your budgie. You will enjoy a single budgie more because you are the only source of love and attention for the bird. Your budgie will give you their full attention. This makes it easy to tame the bird. You will form a close bond with your budgie in no time.

If you plan on having two budgies, you can still buy one at a time. You will have enough time to form a close bond with your budgie before getting another one. But getting two budgies at the same time can make it hard to bond with your birds.

Two birds keep each other happy and fulfilled, so they can ignore you, making it hard to bond with them. It will take a longer time to bond with your birds if you have two.

Can a Single Budgie Be Happy?

It is possible for a single budgie to be happy. Budgies do best with their own kind. Luckily, human owners can still keep their budgie happy. How? They can bond with their budgie and provide the bird with a lot of attention, which the single budgie really needs.

Why Get a Single Budgie?

Do you want to get a single budgie? Perhaps, you are worried that getting a single budgie is not the best thing. Do not rush to get two birds because many people recommend you get two budgies. If you have enough time, you can keep a single budgie happy and fulfilled. And I’m going to share why you should get a single budgie below.

1. Bond With Your Budgie

There is no doubt you want to get a single budgie because you want to tame and bond with your budgie. It is easy to connect with a single budgie. You will spend more time with your bird. If you have a family, your family will become the flock of your budgies. This makes it easy to bond with your budgie.

2. Affordable

Some people want to own a budgie, but they have read and heard that it is important to get more than one budgie. So, they do not get one budgie because they cannot afford to keep more than one budgie. It is cheap to buy a single budgie and set the bird up with a cage. And it is cheap to feed the bird.

If you have free time during the day, you do not have to spend money on several toys. You can get a few toys. Your budgie needs your attention and company. If you can provide that, you can get one budgie.

3. Space

A single budgie does not need a lot of space. It just needs a safe, secure place for playing. In fact, you can get a cage that has enough space for your budgie to play. You can even let your budgie to fly around in your room when you are at home. And it is easy to monitor a single budgie when playing.

Do Budgies Get Lonely On their Own?

Yes, budgies can get lonely on their own. It is hard for a budgie to live alone. It can feel lonely. However, if you are providing your budgie with plenty of interaction and attention, your budgie will be happy. And your budgie will thrive as a single budgie.

Do I Have to Get Two Budgies?

I know everyone does not have free time to spend with their budgies. These birds are very demanding, especially if you leave them alone. Your single budgie will always try to get your attention. Having two birds can make it easier to own and maintain them. In fact, two birds can ignore you and spend more time together.

1. It is Easy to Keep Two Budgies Happy

Getting two birds makes it easy to keep your budgies happy. Your feathery friends can benefit from a flock. A pair of budgies bond quickly and they will become close friends. You will see them following each other and preening each other. You will have a great life with your two birds.

2. Can You Afford to Keep Two Budgies

Budgies are not toys to play with. Give your birds plenty of love and treat them as your family. You must provide them with clean, fresh drinking water and feed them daily. And you must buy them a comfortable cage. If you can afford to keep two budgies happy and satisfied, you can get two budgies.

3. Playing Time

A single budgie needs a lot of playing time with their human owners. A pair of budgies can make themselves happy. If you do not have enough time to play with your budgie, get two. You will see your two birds active, happier, and they will live longer. They will never die of loneliness.

How Many Budgies Should Be Kept Together?

It is really hard to know the exact number of budgies you can keep together. It is true these birds are flock animals, so two birds can comfortably live together. Once you decide to get several birds, make sure you can afford to feed them and that there is enough space for the birds to play in.

Bonding With Your Budgies

If you want to bond with your budgies, I do not recommend you get several birds. Budgies can only bond with their own kind, so they will bond with each other. And they will only fly to you when they are hungry. If you want to form strong bonds with your budgies, get one or two.

Available Space

If your house is small, do not get multiple birds. Budgies are very noisy, so they can make your home noisy. You will be uncomfortable inside your home. Also, you will have to invest in several cages or one big cage. It is difficult to move around a big cage or store it inside the house if your house does not have enough space.

Some Budgies Will Fight

Some of these birds will not get along. They will fight each other. You will spend more time stopping these fights than enjoying your budgies. If there are troublesome birds, keep them in separate cages. Budgies can kill each other if they fight for a long time.

Increase Your Expenses

It is expensive to keep several birds together. You will spend a lot of money on their food and toys. And you will even spend more money on an avian pet.

Therefore, you decide the number of birds you want to keep. Do not let anyone force you into buying several birds. But I think it is easy to enjoy a few birds. You will have more time to bond with each other. You will never feel like your budgies are ignoring you.

Why Do Budgies Attack Each Other?

I need to touch on this topic because you might see some of your birds attacking each other and you might not know what is wrong. Budgies can attack each other for different reasons. Budgies usually fight for territories in the cage, toys, and your current birds can fight new members of the flock.

New Budgies Fight Each

It is normal for new budgies to attack each other. They are not used to each other. That is why you should never put a new budgie in the same cage with your current budgie. It can take time for these birds to get along. Once they get along, they become close and bond with each other.

Protecting their Territories

Budgies are not only flock animals but they are also extremely territorial and jealous. If some budgie tries to steal their space, toys, or their close friend, the birds can attack each other. Also, some birds can fight for you, especially if you are very close to your birds.

Protect their Eggs and Young Ones

Female budgies are protective. They will do anything to protect their eggs and their young ones. They can become extremely aggressive when another budgie comes near their eggs or chicks. A female budgie might even kill the other budgie. That is why you must put the new mother or the budgie with eggs in a different cage.

Therefore, it is important to protect your birds from another, especially if you have several birds.

Final Thoughts

Should I get one or two budgies? I hope by now you know whether to get one or two budgies. I highly encourage you to take proper care of your birds whether you are getting one or two. You must keep your birds happy and fulfilled all the time. If your budgie is happy, you will enjoy your budgie and you will have fun playing together.