How Long Does It Take for Budgies to Bond?

It is easy for budgies to get along and become good friends. That is why budgies can form strong bonds with each other. Once your budgies bond with each other, they are inseparable. However, it is difficult to know how long does it take for budgies to bond with each other. I did some research and I’m going to share it with you in this article.

How Long Does It Take for Budgies to Bond?

It takes a few days to a few months for budgies to bond with each other. It is really hard to know the exact time budgies take to bond with each other because budgies have different personalities. That is why some budgies can bond with each other sooner than others.

How Do I Get My Budgies to Like Each Other?

I’m sure you are reading this because you want to know how long it will take your budgies to bond. You can make your budgies bond quickly by getting them to like each other. But do not force your budgies to like each other, especially if they just met.

Here is how to get your budgies to like each other:

Put Your Budgies in Separate Cages

New budgies can fight, so do not put them in the same cage. Put them in separate cages for more than one month. Keeping them in separate cages allows you to gradually introduce your budgies.


After a few days, place the cages near each other in the same room. Do not cover their cages. Let the birds see each other from their cages.

Let Your Budgies Play Together

After one month, your budgies get used to each other because they see each other from their cages daily. Some budgies might even start singing together during this time. If you feel like it is the right time for your budgies to finally meet and play together, take them outside or just let your budgies play in a common area.

However, some budgies might fight immediately they meet. Stop the fight immediately, and put your birds in their cages.

Monitor Your Birds

Once you let the budgies play together, do not leave the room or leave them to play outside alone, even if they do not fight when they meet. Monitor the behaviors of your birds.

By the way, some budgies are very jealous, so they might attack another budgie who is trying to get your attention. Do not give one of your budgie more attention.

In fact, you should just let your birds play because you want your birds to bond with each other. You can monitor them from a safe distance.

Be Patient

It can take time for some budgies to get along. This is because budgies have different personalities. Some budgies will get along great together after a few days. If your budgies do not get along once they meet, do force them to become friends.

Do not put them in the same cage even if they get along great together. You do not know how your budgies will react once you leave them alone. Do not rush them to spend the night in the same cage.

Get New Toys

Budgies love playing with toys, so do not leave your budgies just sitting there. Give them something to play with every time you take them out of their cages. You can give them new toys to play with. Why new toys? Your original bird might get jealous of seeing the new bird playing with its favorite toys.

Get a New Cage

Budgies can become territorial, so do not put them in one of their cages. The owner of the cage might fight the new budgie. Do not risk it even if you see your budgies getting along well. They have been together for a few days or weeks, so they are not that close.

Once your budgies can play together for several hours without any fighting, bickering, screaming, biting, squawking, or showing negative behaviors, you can now put them in the same cage. They can become friends in their new home. They are in a new territory, so they are more likely to get close to each other.

Once your budgies can live and play in the same cage, it is just a matter of time before they bond with each other. You will just have to keep your birds happy. Give them several toys, and let them listen to their favorite music. Once they bond with each other, it is hard to separate them.

How Do I Know If My Budgies Like Each Other?

If budgies like each other, they will cozy up to each other to sleep, play together, follow and chase each other around the cage, preen each other, preen together, and take care of each other. You might see minor bickering, which is very normal for budgies because they can irritate each other.

Continue reading to know if your budgies like each other:

Eat Together and Feed Each Other

Once your budgies bond with each other, they eat together and they go for food at the same time. Some budgies might bring each other food and they no longer fight for food. If you have a male and female budgie, you will see your male budgie feeding the female budgie. This is one of the ways budgies court.

Help Each Other Scratch their Heads

Human beings and animals get an itchy scalp, so they scratch their heads. Humans have hands, so we can comfortably scratch our heads when we get an itchy scalp. However, budgies do not have hands, so they usually use their cages, perches, and other suitable objects to scratch their heads.

If you have several budgies, you will see some budgies using their beak to scratch their friend’s head. And they do this in turns. This clearly shows that your budgies like each other.

They Preen Each Other

Do you know why budgies look beautiful and have all these well-groomed feathers? It is because budgies preen several times a day. They know how to protect and groom their feathers.

How? They use their beaks to take oil from the glands on their backs and spread it down their feathers.

Once your budgies like each other, they preen each other. They help each other groom their feathers.

They Sit Together

If your budgies like each other, they will sit together inside the cage and they cozy up to each other to sleep. If they are in separate cages, you will see your budgies moving closer to one another. If this happens, you should put your birds in the same cage.

Do Budgies Bond with Their Owners?

Yes, budgies can bond with their owners. Budgies are just lovely, amusing, and clever. It is easy to fall in love with these birds. And it is easy to train and take care of them. It can take time to bond with your budgies, but you will bond with your budgies if you are persistent.

However, it might take a long time to bond with several budgies. A budgie bonds with you if it likes you. So, here is how you can tell if your budgie likes you:

Your Budgie Cuddles with You

A budgie likes you if it cuddles with you. Cuddling with your bird can help the bird bond with you. Before a budgie gets close to you, it must feel safe around you. It takes time to make a new budgie feel safe around.

Once the budgie feels safe around you, it just comes to you, climbs you, and it can even fly onto your hands or shoulders.

Wags Its Tails

It is easy to assume dogs are the only animals that wag their tails when they see their owners or hear the voice of their owners. If your budgie is happy to see you, it wags its tail feathers. If your budgie wags its tail feathers up and down when it sees you, it shows your budgie likes you.

Flaps Its Wings

Budgies only use their wings to fly but they also use them to communicate with their owners. If your budgie flaps its wings when it sees you, your bird is happy. Budgies display happiness around their owners by wing flapping.

Hangs Upside Down

Is your budgie hanging upside down? Do not rush to call your avian vet. Your budgie is happy and feels comfortable. This is how budgies show happiness. If your budgie does this when you are around the bird, your bird is telling you that it likes you and trusts you.

How Do You Bond with Your Budgie?

You bought your budgies because you want to enjoy their company. However, your budgies can ignore you once they bond with each other, so do not just focus on letting your budgies bond with each other. You should also bond with your budgies, especially if you want your budgies to stop ignoring you.

Play with Your Budgies

Spend a few hours every day with your budgies. Take them outside to get some sunlight. Do not leave them in direct sunlight for a long time. If your budgie pants while outside, take it a cool place immediately. Playing with your budgies can help them bond with you.

Offer Them Their Favorite Foods and Treats

If you have been feeding your budgies different foods, you already know their favorite foods. Offer them their favorite foods and treats. This shows them you are caring, friendly, and you like them. It feels like you are bribing your budgies. But it works, so use foods and treats to bond with your budgies.

Make Your Budgies Feel Safe

Budgies can only trust and come close to you if they feel safe around you. Make sure their cage comfortable. Clean their cages daily. Give them clean drinking water. And talk with a soothing voice. Show them you care about them. And keep their cage in a peaceful, quiet, and cool (but not too cold) room.

Taking proper care of your budgies can make them bond with you.

Final Thoughts

I hope you now have a rough idea of how long does it take for budgies to bond with each other. Budgies will bond with each other with time, so do not force your budgies to bond. As you are trying to make your budgies bond, you should also use that time to bond with your budgies. If your budgies feel safe around you, you will enjoy playing with them and teaching them new tricks.