Do Budgies Miss Their Owners?

Do budgies miss their owners? I know it is easy to get worried if your budgies will miss you if you leave them with someone else for a couple of months.

You have spent several months or even years building a strong bond with your budgies. You might worry that the time you spend bonding with your budgies might go to waste if you leave them.

Budgies are smart birds. They are smarter than you think. That is why they will never forget you. When you meet them after a few months, they will recognize you and they will be happy to see you.

Do Budgies Miss their Owners?

Yes! Budgies miss their owners, especially if the owner has bonded with their budgies. Budgies are intelligent and social birds, so they can bond with their owners. It can take months or even years to bond with s, especially if you have several budgies.

Once your budgies bond with you, they will want to be close to you all the time. They play with you. They sing with you. And they let you pet them. Your budgies will get used to you. That is why when you leave them for a long time, they will miss you. Some budgies might even die.

As someone who can travel for several months leaving their budgie behind, I highly encourage you to get more than one budgie. Do not spend time bonding with your single budgie, then leave the bird alone for several months. Your budgies will also bond with each other, so they will not miss you that much because they still have each other.

How Do Budgies Show Affection to Humans?

Budgies are flock animals, so it is hard for a single budgie to be happy alone. Budgies need attention to be happy. That is why they can get attached to their owners and the people around them.

They get love and attention from their owners, so they are happy to show affection to their human owners, which makes it easy to know if your budgie likes you.

Respond to Your Speech

Once your budgies are comfortable with you and trust you, they respond to your speech. This is how they show affection. They are happy, so they want to spend time with you. If your budgies do not respond to your speech, give them time to get used to you. Do not let them irritate you.

Fly to You

You have been away for the whole day. So, you left your budgies with your family. What do your budgies do when they see you? They will fly to you because they miss you. They can land on your shoulders and if you stretch your hand, they will land your hands. This shows your budgies love you and miss you when you are not around.

Sit on Your Shoulders

It takes time to bond with your budgies. You may already know that budgies only cozy up with the budgies they have bonded with. Your budgie will show affection by sitting on your shoulders. Your budgie wants to “cuddle” with you. This is how they do it, so let the bird sit on your shoulders for a while.

Sing with You

Budgies love music and they love screaming. They will sing along with you if they love you. You can leave them listening to your favorite music when you are not with them. When you sing some of the songs they listened to, they might sing along with you.

Budgies can learn to ‘speak’ some words, so they can talk or sing with you.

Do Budgies Get Attached to Their Owners?

Yes! Budgies get attached to their owners. However, I have heard some bird owners complain their budgies keep ignoring them. As a new bird owner, you are excited about getting a budgie. You cannot wait to spend time with your new friend. So, you get a bird who is just a few months old.

You take your budgie home. But the bird ignores you and goes to everyone it sees in your home. Your bird might even ignore you completely and spends more time with the other members of your family. It is easy to think your budgie hates you and does not want to get attached to you.

Young budgies are just like puppies. They love meeting new people when they are young, so your young budgie can fly to anyone that comes to your house. This is where you need patience. It takes time to develop an emotional bond with your budgie.

As the budgie grows, it gets close to you and spends more time with you.

Once your budgie is a few years old and is attached to you, your budgie will want to spend more time with you. It no longer walks or flies to anyone it sees in your home. If you have been away for a few hours, your budgie will fly straight to you when you arrive home. This is when you know your budgie is attached to you.

If you have had your budgie for a few months, it might go to anyone. This is normal because budgies are social animals. Be patient with your budgie. Once it is old enough, it gets more discriminating and it might become jealous if you get a new budgie.

If you plan on getting a budgie, take good care of your budgie and give it time to get attached to you.

Do Budgies Bond with Their Owners?

Yes, budgies bond with their owners. It is easy to take care of a budgie who has bonded with you. Your budgie will eat most of the food you feed them and you will have fun teaching your feathery friend new tricks. And your budgie will always want to spend time with you, which can make you happy. Your budgie will never ignore you.

However, it is hard to take care of a budgie who has not bonded with you. You will feel ignored because your budgie does not want to spend time with you. You will see your budgies ignoring you, which can irritate a lot of new bird owners. Give your budgies time because they will bond with you.

How Do I Get My Budgie to Bond with Me?

Budgies will bond to you, but just know that it takes time and patience. Do not rush the process. Give your budgie time, especially if you just got it. We tend to be impatient sometimes. We want something to happen when we want to happen. This is not always how things we work, especially when it comes to bonding with your budgies.

Spend Time Together

If you really want to bond with your budgie as soon as possible, I highly recommend you spend more time with your budgie. Some bird owners think they can spend a few minutes with their budgie and the bird will bond with them in a few days. This might never happen because budgies need more attention.

Build Trust

Does your budgie trust you? It is easy to bond with a budgie who trusts you. How do you build trust? Do not bring family pets near your budgie’s cage. Spend more time alone and let your budgie climb you. Feed your bird their favorite meals with your hands. Provide a good heat source of heat when it is very cold. And provide clean water for drinking and bathing when it is hot.

Do Not Scare Your Budgie

Budgies can get scared, especially if they are in a new home. Do not put your budgie in a loud room if you love loud music. Do not shout at your budgie. Shouting at the bird does not make them respond to you. They love soothing voices. Scaring your budgie only makes them hide from you. They think you want to hurt them.

Do Budgies Recognize their Owners?

Budgies can distinguish people, so they recognize their owners. Once they know you, they will never forget you even if you change your clothes, hair color, or wear glasses. Budgies know the difference between people. That is why your budgies will fly to you when you enter a room full of people.

Many bird owners usually complain that their budgies keep ignoring them. Your budgie can ignore you if you do not spend a lot of time with the bird. Show your budgie you are caring and you want to make the bird happy. Once your budgie trusts you and spends time with you, it will always recognize you.

Do Budgies Remember their Previous Owners?

Yes, budgies can still remember their previous owners. This is because budgies have good memories and social skills.

In the wild, budgies usually live as flocks, so they can remember the members of their flocks. This means their human owners belong to their flocks, especially if the owner has several budgies.

That is why if a budgie sees their previous owner, it becomes happy.

You can leave your budgie for several months, and your budgie will never have a problem remembering you when you return. Your budgie will be happy to see you again. Your bird might never want to leave you alone for the next couple of weeks. Your budgie will be happy to reunite with you.

If you think your budgie will forget you, banish that thought from your mind. If your budgie follows you around, nibbles your ear, sits on your finger, shoulder, or head, your budgie has bonded with you. Your budgie will never forget if you leave for a few months.

Final Thoughts

Do budgies miss their owners? I know a lot of bird owners worry that their budgies will miss them if they leave them with someone else for a couple of months. Your budgies will miss you, but they will be much happier when you return.

If you are worried your budgie will forget you and you will lose your special relationship with your bird, keep this thought away from your mind. Your budgie will be fine when you are not around as long as it is getting enough attention from the people you left them with.

You got nothing to worry about. You will continue with your special relationship when you get back.


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