Can Budgies Eat Raw Almonds?

It is beneficial to feed your budgies nuts. Nuts are not only healthy foods for budgies. They can also last longer large feeders.

It can, however, be difficult to pick the best nuts for your budgies. It is much better to feed your budgies with their favorite nuts.

Nuts can last longer. You can, therefore, buy them in bulk and store them, saving you more money. It is, however, not recommended to only feed your budgies nuts.

It is essential to feed your budgies a complete and balanced diet.

If you are reading this article, you are wondering if your budgies can eat raw almonds. I did some research to know if raw almonds are good for budgies.

Can Budgies Eat Raw Almonds?

Yes, budgies can eat raw almonds. Raw almonds are one of the best healthy snacks for budgies. They are high in protein, calories, and calcium. And they are low in saturated fats.

In fact, some budgies prefer to eat nuts. If your budgies prefer nuts, they can eat almonds every day.

Do not forget a lot of birds thrive on nuts in the wild. They usually store the nuts since the nuts can last long. It is, therefore, safe for your budgies to eat raw almonds.

Why Feed Your Budgies Raw Almonds?

Raw almonds provide various health benefits for your budgies. This is because raw almonds contain the most nutrients. They can keep your budgies healthy and strong.


Budgies are omnivores, so they need protein in their diet. Budgies can get protein from different sources, such as nuts and seeds.

Protein can help your budgies build healthy muscles. They provide your budgies with energy. And they can improve the cardiovascular health of your budgies.

You can, therefore, feed your budgies raw almonds because raw almonds contain a high amount of protein.


Budgies need fiber to maintain a healthy digestive system. Your budgies can, therefore, get the fiber from raw almonds.

Fiber can even improve the digestion of your budgies.

In addition, budgies can use soluble fiber as a source of energy.

Are Almonds Good for Budgies?

Yes, almonds are good for budgies. Almonds can keep the feathers and skin of your budgies healthy. This is because almonds are a healthy source of fat.

If you always play with your budgies, then they need plenty of energy. They can get the energy they need from high-calorie food, such as raw almonds.

Are Almonds Poisonous to Budgies?

No! Almonds are not poisonous to budgies. Raw almonds are, therefore, safe to feed your budgies.

Do not, however, give your budgies too many almonds. If your budgies eat too many almonds, they can cause health issues for your budgies, including obesity.

In addition, eating too many almonds can lead to toxicity in the body of your budgie. It is, therefore, beneficial to feed your budgies raw almonds in moderation.

Remember, there are two varieties of almonds, including sweet and bitter almonds.

Bitter almonds are, however, toxic to budgies, especially if your budgies eat raw bitter almonds. This is because raw bitter almonds contain both cyanide and glycoside amygdalin, which can kill your budgies.

Fortunately, you are less likely to find bitter almonds in the USA. This is because they are banned in the USA. If you are outside the USA, I do not recommend feeding your budgies bitter almonds.

How Do You Feed Your Budgies Almonds?

It is good to offer your budgies almonds. You can feed your budgies almonds as a snack. And you can offer your budgies both raw and roasted almonds.

If you want to feed your budgies raw almonds, you can offer them in a specialized nut feeder or a tray. Make sure the tray or the specialized nut feed is clean.

This is because budgies are clean birds. So, they cannot eat dirty foods. If the tray is dirty, the almonds can get dirty before your budgies eat them. Therefore, your birds can avoid eating almonds.

It is, therefore, important to thoroughly clean your bird feeder. Once your budgies finish their food, remove the bird feeder and clean it immediately.

You can offer your budgies a few raw almonds at a time. If your budgies are hungry, they can eat the nuts immediately.

Can Budgies Eat Roasted Almonds?

Budgies can eat roasted almonds. Therefore, do not just offer your budgies raw almonds. It is even better to offer them roasted almonds. Make sure the roasted almonds do not have additional seasonings or salt.

You, however, need to properly roast the almonds before giving them to your budgies. If you do not roast them properly, your budgies can avoid eating them.

It is, therefore, important to learn how to roast almonds. If you know how to roast almonds, you will never spend more money on roasted almonds. You can just buy raw almonds and roast them on your own.

In addition, you can soak the almonds to make it easier for your budgies to eat them. You can, therefore, soak the almonds before giving them to your budgies.

A lot of bird owners prefer feeding their budgies soaked almonds. They say their budgies love the soaked almonds. You can, therefore, soak the almonds to know if your budgies love soaked almonds.

If they love soaked almonds, you can always soak the almonds before giving them.

If your budgies, however, prefer unsoaked almonds, you do not have to soak them. It is much better to feed your budgies both soaked and unsoaked almonds to know what they prefer.

Once your budgies stop eating the almonds, remove the remaining almonds to avoid excessive debris. If you leave almonds inside the cage, they can create an unhealthy feeding area for your birds.

Can Budgies Eat Crushed Almonds?

Yes, budgies can eat crushed almonds. If your budgies are still young, you can crush the almonds. It is much easier for your budgies to swallow crushed almonds.

It is even much safer to feed budgies crushed almonds. Young budgies can choke on large almonds since large almonds are much larger than the necks of the young budgies.

You can, therefore, crush the raw almonds to prevent your budgies from choking.


So, can budgies eat raw almonds? Budgies can eat raw almonds. Almonds are good for the health of your budgies. And they are one of the best natural sources of food for your budgies.

Almonds are great foods to offer your budgies. Your budgies will enjoy these treats. If your budgies love almonds, you can always fill their feeders with almonds.

Almonds are nuts, so they can last longer. You can buy them in bulk and store them. They are, therefore, the most affordable foods for budgies.