Are Budgies Messy Birds?

Once you decide to get a budgie, you might ask yourself; are budgies messy birds? I know it is hard to deal with all the mess our pets make. However, our pets make our lives better, so it is easy to deal with their mess.

Before getting a budgie, be prepared to clean daily. Why? They are messy birds. Luckily, it is possible to reduce their mess, and you will learn everything in this article.

Do Budgies Make a Lot of Mess?

Are budgies messy birds? Yes, budgies are messy birds. Why? They poop everywhere. They splash in the water. They throw seeds and their food around. And they shake out or pluck their feathers. You will have to get used to this if you want to get a budgie. This is what budgies do daily. That is why they are messy.

It takes lots of effort to keep their cages and your house clean all the time if you have these birds. The mess they make can spread throughout the house.

Also, you might step on their food and poop, so they stick on your slippers or socks. This means you will also spread their mess inside your house.

If you have budgies, clean your house daily.

How Much Mess Do Budgies Make?

The mess your budgies make depends on the number of your budgies. If you have a single budgie, the bird makes less mess, and it is much easier to keep your house clean if you have a single budgie.

Having several budgies increases the mess they make, and it takes more effort to keep their cage and your house clean if you have several budgies.

If you do not have the time to keep their cage clean and deep clean your house regularly, do not get several budgies.


You will be overwhelmed with all the work you must do, making it hard to enjoy your birds.

How Do Budgie Cause Mess?

It is hard to take care of budgies because of the mess they make. This is how budgies are, so do not let the mess they make irritate you. Luckily, knowing how budgies cause the mess can help you reduce the mess your birds make. This makes it easier to take care of your birds, and you will enjoy your budgies.

Here is how budgies cause mess:

Throwing and Spilling Food

Budgies throw away and spill food they do not want to eat. And they toss any crumbs of food they do not like. They toss the crumbs onto their cage’s floor or out of the cage onto your floor.

Budgies do not eat the food they do not like, and you cannot force them.

If you are feeding them fruits and vegetables, they can throw away some pieces of fruits and vegetables. Budgies cannot a whole fruit. Once they are full, they become choosier. So, they tend to throw away the parts or the fruits they do not like.

Some budgies love to sit on their dish when eating. It seems they are more comfortable sitting on their dish when eating. However, they will just wake up and leave, scattering the food on the ground. Budgies do not unclean food, so the food on the ground will remain uneaten until you remove them.

Budgie Poop

Budgies poop anywhere inside their cage and your house. Even though it is possible to potty train a budgie, it is really hard to do it. That is why some pet bird owners do not bother to potty train their budgies. If your budgies are not potty trained, they poop anywhere inside the house, making a lot of mess.

Budgies can also poop on hard to reach areas in your home, like on top of tall furniture or cabinet tops. Once the poop dries, it spreads inside your house as pet dander, affecting the quality of your indoor air.

Remember poor indoor air quality affects people with allergies and respiratory problems.

Spilling Water

Budgies usually spend most of their time inside their cages, so you will put their bath water inside the cage. They love cleaning themselves, so they will bath and play in their bath water. They spill the water in the cage. If there is poop or dirt on the cage’s floor, the spilled water makes them wet.

Your budgies will walk over the wet dirt or poop, and they will spread the dirt all over the cage. If there are toys inside the cage, your budgies will walk over them with their dirty feet.

And the dirt usually dries up on the surfaces that your budgies stepped on. If this happens, you will need to deep clean the cage and the toys inside the cage.


Budgies usually molt once or twice a year. This does not mean you will never find feathers inside your house when your budgies are not molting.

Budgies are very active, so they love flying around and playing with each other. During some of these friendly fights, they can pluck each other’s feathers.

Budgies also love preening and grooming, so they can pluck their feathers when preening and grooming themselves. You will see their feathers inside the cage.

Additionally, budgies can lose their feather due to Feather Disease, French molt virus, parasites. It is important to know why your budgies are losing their parasites. If they are sick, treat them immediately.

The feathers make a mess because the wind can carry their feathers throughout your house.


Sick budgies usually make a lot of mess, so it is easy to know when one of your budgies is sick.

Firstly, sick and lonely budgies usually pluck their feathers. If your budgie plucks its feathers and it is not preening, your bird might be sick. Take the bird to an avian vet to find out the underlying cause. Avian vets recommend the right treatment once they know the underlying medical condition.

Secondly, a sick budgie usually has diarrhea. When this happens, you will see the bird is covered with poop on its bottom and all over its body. Separate your budgie from other birds and call an avian vet. Several budgies with diarrhea can cause a lot of mess inside the cage and in your house.

Why Are Budgies So Messy?

Budgies are messy due to their lifestyle. They are just active birds who love flapping, flying around, and climbing anything. So, they scatter their mess inside their cages and the house.

Budgies need to be active to be happy. Do not lock them in their cage because of the mess they make.

Budgies love cleaning themselves daily. They use their beaks to clean their feathers, so they may pluck some of their feathers when cleaning themselves. However, a sick bird cannot clean itself. That is why you must learn how to clean your budgie.

How Do I Stop My Budgie from Making a Mess?

Are budgies messy birds? As you can see, budgies are messy birds. It is really hard to deal with their mess. Why? The mess does not stop. If you clean the cage right now, in a few hours, the cage is dirty. It is like you never did any cleaning. It is possible to manage the mess your budgies make.

Line Your Cage

Lining your cage is the easiest way of stopping budgies from making a mess inside the cage. Lining the cage helps to keep the cage clean and free from fungal spores and budgie dropping. Line the cage with paper towels or untreated layers of paper. You will just remove the paper or paper towels when cleaning the cage.

Keep a Trash Can Near the Cage

Some pet bird owners do not clean their bird’s cage several times a day because the trash can is in a different room. They hate walking from the cage to their trash can. You can avoid all the walking by getting a small trash can and placing it near the cage. Having a trash can near the cage makes it easier to clean the cage several times a day.

Get a Bigger Cage

Getting a bigger cage reduces the mess your budgies make.


Firstly, you will put their food dish far from your floor. You can put the dish at the center of the cage. If the budgies do not want to eat some of the food, they just throw on their cage’s floor. They will not throw it out of their cage, stopping the mess on your floors.

Secondly, it is easy to deep clean a big cage. Budgies are less likely to walk all over a spacious cage. They will fly around the cage. So, they will not dirty all over the cage’s surfaces with their dirty feet. You will just sweep the poop and dirt on the cage’s surface. It is easy to do this several times a day.

Finally, budgies are less likely to pluck their feathers due to stress and loneliness. They have more space to fly around and play inside the spacious cage. So, they will be much happier inside the cage. This can reduce the feathers inside your house.


Do not give your budgies too much food at once. If you are always at home, feed your budgies several times a day. Do not keep too much in front of your budgies all the time. They are more likely to play with their food, so you will see them throwing away the food.

Put enough food into their food dish. Replace the food with fresh food when feeding them again. This reduces the amount of food in the cage, which can help stop the mess your budgies make.

Keep their Food Dish Clean All the Time

Budgies usually sit on their food dish. When replacing their food, do not just put the food into a dirty food dish or on top of the remaining food.

Clean the food dish and give them fresh food.

That is why you need to have extra food dishes for your birds. You will just use a new food dish every time you are feeding the birds. You will avoid cleaning the dishes every time you want to feed them. You can clean all the dishes in the evening.

Feed Your Budgies the Right Foods

They type of foods you feed your birds can affect the mess they make. If you have had your budgies for some time, you know the mess they make every time you give them different types of foods. For instance, if you are feeding them seeds, they are more likely to throw the seeds around the cage and your house. If you know the mess they will make, be prepared to clean up after they finish eating.

In Conclusion

Are budgies messy birds? Yes, they are messy birds. Take proper care of your birds. Do not leave them in their mess. They are just like young children, so be patient with them and clean up after them. They can bring joy and happiness to your life if you keep their living environment clean and comfortable and give them clean foods every time. You will have more fun with your birds if they are happy.